We visit the first US university fair in BCN

The goal for many Spanish students when they finish their Baccalaureate studies is clear: study in the USA and live the real experience of an American campus. Last week, a group of 30 students from SEK Catalunya visited the first US university fair in Barcelona, organized by the American consulate and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

 How to apply to an American university, what are the general requirements, how to get a scholarship, how to prepare for the official entrance test such as SAT or TOEFL. These are some of the questions that our Baccalaureate students who want to study in the US are asking themselves right now. In addition, most of these questions could be answered during the fair visiting the 15 universities that came all the way from the US to Barcelona, to talk with hundreds of Spanish students and to guide them through this process. Students could also participate in a general conference about the “5 steps to U.S. study”

 In SEK Catalunya, every year we have more and more students willing to study abroad and the United States is one of the top places for various reasons: universities on top of the World rankings, great working opportunities after studies and the opportunity to learn and improve the English Language while studying and living in the U.S. Here, in the school, the University Counselor, Mr. Sergio Jimenez, helps and guides students every year in their process of choosing and applying to an International university.