Yesterday, the ex-student Mariona Vidal came to school to give us a talk regarding the IB, the application to universities, and health sciences’ degrees. From a 2DP student’s point of view, the talk was very useful and interesting. Not only I got to learn about the planning and application to universities, but I also started growing interest in biomedical engineer due to her clear explanations of how the degrees worked.

Mariona graduated from the degree of human biology in the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF). She gave us an insight of how her university works, how the credit in university function, and all the experiences abroad she has lived. Throughout the talk, there was an interesting debate regarding subject combinations and the differences between degrees, and really had an impact on our choices when applying to university.  We thank Mariona to come and use her free time to talk to us, answer to all our questions, and explain in detail how university life is. This process became a little less stressful than before.

by DP students.

Workshop about how to perform a good “Personal Statement”

«The personal statement is a challenge faced by all of us who wish to study in the UK. We have always been told of its importance, of its difficulty in having to describe your whole person, your whole life of 17 years in only 4000 characters. It is, therefore, crucial to approach it in the best way possible. During today’s talk, given by our counsellor Sergio Jimenez and our teacher David Delgado, we have been able to understand the key to the success of a good personal statement. It was not only the theoretical explanation that helped us enormously, but also the exemplification of this theory.

In a nutshell, the personal statement has to be groundbreaking, a true reflection of your personality and ambition.

It is now our turn to start the arduous job of writing our own.»

by Nicolau San Millán

1st DP: Workshop about the application process to UK Universities (loans, scholarships…)

Our DPO, Mr. Sergio Jiménez, and the Maths DP teacher Mr. David Delgado, have offered a workshop about how to apply successfully to UK Universities. Some of the topics developed has been: student loans, scholarships, work to help students, deadlines, documentation, personal statements, predictive grades, etc.
The students attending have asked many interesting questions and have shown themselves very interested in studying in the UK despite the post-Brexit implications

Alumnos asistiendo a la “Online UK Universities Fair”

Diversos alumnos de Bachillerato Nacional y DP (2 desde el colegio y varios desde casa por el confinamiento de varios grupos) han podido disfrutar de las presentaciones online de diversas universidades de UK. El evento es conocido como “Online UK Universities Fair”.

Meet 65 UK universities at the British Council’s month-long online education fair dedicated to European students!

Register now and join the British Council’s online university fair for European students considering study in the UK! From 19 October-13 November, you’ll be able to:

• Hold private meetings with 65 UK universities – including 13 out of the top 20 Times Higher Education Universities for 2021, the leading Welsh and Scottish universities and many from UK’s famous ‘Russell Group’ of elite universities.

• Join online talks about specific subjects, fees and costs, visas, how to apply and how to prepare.

• Get exclusive information about scholarships and offers for EU students.

Register here:

Nuestro exalumno Albert Fleta nos visita de nuevo y nos cuenta cosas sobre Ingeniería en IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON

Nos ha visitado Albert Fleta, exalumno de SEK-Catalunya que cursa 3er curso del Grado de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica (EEE). en Imperial College London.

Ha hablado a los alumnos de 1ro y 2do (del DP) y les ha contado diversas cosas en referencia a su aplicación a la universidad en UK, el tipo de carrera que es, cómo elegir carrera si tienen dudas, tipos de asignaturas y salidas profesionales de su carrera y en UK concretamente, tipos de becas…

Los alumnos se han mostrado muy interesados y le han realizado diversas preguntas.

Success is looming in the horizon

Last Friday, the 22nd of September, the students from 12th grade (both the IB Diploma Programme and the Spanish Baccalaureate), were summoned at School Counsellor Mr.Sergio Jimenez office to get a grasp of the University entry requirements according to their countries of interest. The UK and USA being the major choices of the audience, the course emphasised on their criteria.

Predictive grades, high school transcripts, exams, essays, interviews and, on top of this, the well-known personal statement. All of these are to be handed over well before the colleges respective deadlines, which in most cases (say, Cambridge), are pretty much upon us. Moreover, having mentioned the importance of the personal statement in our applications, the second half of the programme was entirely dedicated to its proper writing by following a set of advice known as the Activity (A) – Benefit (B) – Course (C).

“Since I was a child, my dream has been to enter an International Diplomatic Organization, such as the Spanish Embassy. However, now it comes to deciding to which university do I want to apply to. I am totally focused on broadening my options in different countries: whereas the US offers me the opportunity to combine my sports career with my undergraduate studies and the UK allows me to study different files: economics, history, philosophy and geography; all combined in an International Relations course at Oxford.

No matter where I finally end up studying, I am completely sure Mr. Sergio will do his best to give the students the best preparation, which is why I am deeply grateful for his aid.”

Carla Ortega, 2nd grader of the IB Diploma Programme.

“Despite being determined to enter certain colleges and having sufficient knowledge in terms of their requirements, going through all the procedures again enabled me to check every part of the process whilst getting a useful and practical insight of the specificities of the personal statement by means of proper, real samples. This is pivotal for my personal application to the Government and History career held at LSE (UK). My counsellor has shown great concern towards my future, always willing to aid me when in need. I am very grateful for his support.”

by Max de Bruyn, 2nd grader of the IB Diploma Programme.


Aula de Padres de alumnos de Bachillerato interesados en cursar estudios superiores fuera de España

Los padres de los alumnos de Bachillerato interesados en que sus hijos cursen estudios universitarios fuera de nuestras fronteras, han tenido la oportunidad de asistir a una formación que ha impartido hoy la Sra. Carla Muñana.

La Sra. Muñana es la experta de la Institución SEK en estos temas y la avala una amplia experiencia ayudando a los alumnos en todo lo referente a ayudarles en los largos procesos de admisión que tienen lugar en las Universidades americanas y británicas.

Los padres de 8 alumnos han asistido a esta formación y han tenido la oportunidad realizar multitud de preguntas a la Sra. Muñana. Todas han sido contestadas por Carla de forma muy amena y con ejemplos de aplicaciones.

Carla ha insistido mucho en que no sólo es importante la nota media final de expediente del alumnos, sino que es tanto o más importante el perfil holístico de nuestros estudiantes.

Por otro lado, también hemos estado presentes para asesorar a los padres, algunos profesores tutores de Bachillerato. En concreto uno por modalidad: el Sr. Adrià Van Waart representando al Bachillerato Científico, la Srta. Blanca Martín-Gil Vecilla representando la modalidad CCSS y el Sr. David Delgado representando al Bachillerato Tecnológico.