Subject «CMC» now in English!!!

This school year, we will be teaching the 1st of Baccalaureate subject «CMC» in English (CMC stands for «Contemporary World Sciences»).

We are studying technological modern world concepts such as iPad´s, iPhone´s, smartphones, iClouding, general TIC, etc; because in the modern world, getting to know the language used in the modern companies worldwide is becoming more and more important.

Also, we learn about how technology is used in a suitable way, how it can help people, the countries, the environment, the business world, health, etc. in order to get a better quality of life and keep the world beautiful.

One of our first classroom tasks has been to give a presentation to the other students. We are working with cooperative learning and Kagan techniques. Every student will take a role play: They are asked to be for almost 5 minutes the CEO of an important Tech company (Microsoft, Orange, BlackBerry, Apple, Intel, Samsung, etc) and they will try to convince us to buy their company or their products or services (ADSL, chips, smartphone devices, 3D TV, etc). It is amazing how students demonstrate their “digital native” skills.

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