1st DP: Workshop about the application process to UK Universities (loans, scholarships…)

Our DPO, Mr. Sergio Jiménez, and the Maths DP teacher Mr. David Delgado, have offered a workshop about how to apply successfully to UK Universities. Some of the topics developed has been: student loans, scholarships, work to help students, deadlines, documentation, personal statements, predictive grades, etc.
The students attending have asked many interesting questions and have shown themselves very interested in studying in the UK despite the post-Brexit implications

Marc Rovira, 1st year DP student, will participate in BIYSC in the summer

This summer I will have the brilliant opportunity to take part in one of the programs in the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC), specifically in one called “Synthetic Biology: Engineering for a new life”. The participants of this course will design genetic devices for cell reprogramming. This project is not only a great source of information in the fields of engineering and genetics, but it is also a good preparation for our future, as it gives us a first person point of view of the working life, apart from improving our teamwork and work ethics, which is why it is so highly valued by universities around the globe. Furthermore, I have recently been told that other SEK alumni participated in previous editions of the BIYSC, and that all of them categorized it as a magnificent, enriching experience, so I am looking forward to partake in this project.

by Marc Rovira

Emma Pastor: Science Summer Programs in the United States

Last year I decided to take a summer program in the University of Pennsylvania on biomedical research. This course lasted three weeks and was one of the best experiences I have ever lived. Aside from meeting people from all around the world and making new friends, I also learnt many new things. During the course, I did lectures in the mornings, journal clubs where I investigated a cure for Alzheimer’s and lab practices in the afternoon. My favorite part of the experience was getting to work in a lab. There I was not only able to learn new theory, but I was also able to do some hands on projects such as finding out my blood type while using centrifuges and PCR. I definitely recommend this experience to anyone interested in biomedical research since you gain so much knowledge, skills and friends.

This year I also decided to apply to another summer program, but this time an online one. I was accepted last week into the Biomedical Engineering Innovation program in Johns Hopkins University. I am very excited about the 4-5 week program where I will study, do discussions and my own lab projects at home. Applying to the program was a long process, but definitely worth it. To apply I needed to get excellent grades, since it is a very rigorous course, a teacher recommendation, which I got from my biology teacher, and I had to write a short essay explaining why I wanted to do this summer program. It took a couple of weeks to get everything together and all of the transcripts, and after submitting everything, it only took one week for them to accept me. I am looking forward to this amazing experience.

BY: Emma Pastor Goodingham

Fantastic DP Results !!!

Congratulations to all our DP students for having achieved these fantastic results in May 2019!!!!!

On behalf of the Diploma Programme staff, we are very glad to inform you that we have a 100% pass rate. Moreover I would like to stress the following facts:

– The highest score has been 44 points (maximum is 45)

– We got one of the firsts 7 (highest grade) in Mathematics high level (HL) in all Catalonia.

– Three students got more than 40 points.

– The average is 35,54 points. (The world average is 29,62 points)

-One of our students has got 7/7 in Maths & Physics (HL both), and 42/45. He has been admitted to study at the prestigious IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON, in one of the most demanding university degrees in terms of access grades: Aerospace Engineering.

BIYSC 2018 – Congrats! Jordi Frittoli and Julia Barret has been selected

We inform you that our student JÚLIA BARRET has been selected to participate in the research project:

Studying neurodegenerative diseases through the eye of molecular biology. Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)

and Jordi Frittoli has been selected to participate in the research project:

It’s a Quantum World!. Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

of the next edition of the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC), that will take place in Barcelona from July 9th to 20th 2018.

Congrats to both, Who study DP-IB!!!!!!!!