Building Rockets technical Workshop

Un grupo de alumnos de DP sigue involucrado en la participación en proyectos relacionados con la aeronáutica. 

Hoy hemos podido disfrutar del workshop técnico que han ofrecido a los alumnos el Profesor Sr. David Delgado y el Assisstant Teacher, Mr. Aris.

Hemos hablado de aerodinámica, empujes, estructuras, ignición, estabilización, etc.

Nuestro objetivo: que los alumnos construyan un cohete a escala y que podamos lanzarlo para poder ver dónde llega.

Marc Rovira, 1st year DP student, will participate in BIYSC in the summer

This summer I will have the brilliant opportunity to take part in one of the programs in the Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC), specifically in one called “Synthetic Biology: Engineering for a new life”. The participants of this course will design genetic devices for cell reprogramming. This project is not only a great source of information in the fields of engineering and genetics, but it is also a good preparation for our future, as it gives us a first person point of view of the working life, apart from improving our teamwork and work ethics, which is why it is so highly valued by universities around the globe. Furthermore, I have recently been told that other SEK alumni participated in previous editions of the BIYSC, and that all of them categorized it as a magnificent, enriching experience, so I am looking forward to partake in this project.

by Marc Rovira

Conner Minderhout’s Extend Essay published in ORBIS TERTIUS

Our “alumni” Conner Minderhout has published his Extended Essay (EE-DP) in the annual ORBIS TERTI
magazine. His work was developed in the Area of Mathematics Analysis and Approaches, directed by our
Maths DP teacher, Mr. David Delgado, and was entitled:

Calculating the volumetric dimensions of a high-rise building with an intricate profile outlIine”

On the other hand, we are very proud of Conner because we know he is studying in Delft (Holland) showing huge success and performance in Engineering.

Working with Augmented Reality Tech in the subject «An Introduction to Technical Drawing for DP students»

The IB students 11th yr. who have optionally chosen the subject of «An Introduction to Technical Drawing for DP students» are working in the classroom their first contacts with the 3-dimensional Axonometry, to better understand the concepts they have used the Augmented Reality and real Technology. Students, apart from learning, enjoy the concept oriented to «Learning by doing». Likewise, they have worked on profiles and skills of communication, reflection, inquiry…