DP Students helps kids (EI) to work with technology their «Transport Unit». Learning by doing in the Maker Space

Today I, Lolita Khrushcheva, and three more girls from first of diploma (DP),  Sasha, Mia and Masha; were organizing activity with kids from infantil school (EI). Girls were teaching them how to construct cars from Lego. Kids were interested and were participating initiatively. Also,  we were working with amazing 3D-Pen.  Every kid got a personal three-dimensional drawing. There were a lot of flowers, hearts and cars, even their names. Firstly, I explained them safety regulations for working with hot devices. I also told them about how this “magic” pen works. At the end of the “Learning by doing” lesson, kids recived a gift from the Principal of our school, Mr. Prata. Basically, the pen is like the one I performed to them. I hope that they will enjoy it a lot in the near future. Kids and their teachers were very happy and full of emotions and enthusiasm. Summarizing, it was a good experience done in our Maker Space to all of us. Cheers!!!! 

Alumnos de Bachillerato fabrican un coche para los alumnos de EI

Algunos alumnos del Bachillerato Tecnológico han diseñado un coche para que los alumnos de EI puedan montarse y divertirse con él. Los alumnos líseres del proyecto han sido Carlos Gómez y Xavi Mallafré.

Han diseñado los planos y han soldado las partes y los asientos. Han aplicado conocimientos de Dibujo Técnico y Física.

«Learning by doing» en plena acción!!!!