SummerSEK: «Success in DP – Mathematics Analysis and Approaches»

Nuestros profesor de Matemáticas IB, Sr. David Delgado, está impartiendo un curso intensivo a nivel institucional SEK, es decir para alumnos de diversos colegios SEK, de la asignatura MAA (Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches), dentro del programa de consolidación de conocimientos «Summer SEK: Success in DP».

Son alumnos que han cursado 1º DP, que desean consolidar y avanzar en sus conocimientos de Matemáticas dentro del Programa de Diploma a nivel SL y HL.

El curso se realiza de forma online, en idioma Inglés y es intensivo de 4h. diarias seguidas de matemáticas según el programa del IB.

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Curso de Verano Bachillerato

Algunos de nuestros alumnos de Bachillerato han comenzado este lunes el curso de Verano de Repaso.

Intentan prepararse para las recuperaciones de algunas asignaturas en las que su nota es mejorable. De esta forma también se preparan para las asignaturas que tienen continuación en 2º curso de Bachillerato.

HST (Humanities, Sciences, and Technology)

During two weeks, I lived in the Camilo José Cela University (UCJC Campus Madrid-Villafranca) as a student. There, in the summer, I attended the only pre-college programme in Spain by the name of HST – Humanities, Sciences, and Technology -.

Over the course of these two weeks, the programme enabled me to meet individuals who had mastered their fields of study and who were prominent authorities, such as Dr Alfredo Rodríguez a prestigious ex-soldier and an expert on war, not to mention international diplomacy and relations; or with the architects who designed the Madrid Río park, who coordinated this impressive five-year-long project.

I also had the chance to interact and work with new technologies in the subjects of robotics with the assistance of teachers extremely knowledgeable in the topic, and we even took part in the simulacrum of a political campaign for the presidency of the fictitious country of Avalon.

Overall, it was a great experience full of interesting and brilliant people which I recommend to anyone with the desire to learn.

Video-report here

by Joel Dacasa