Candela Hernández has been awarded with a Special Mention in the Maths-Olitele competition powered by Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques (SCM)

Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques” (SCM) organizes many contests throughout the year. 

Its most featured contest is Proves Cangur. In this contest, an average of 20,000 students per grade answer 30 mathematical issues. This year it will be the 7th time I participate, and I have always achieved a score in the top 2.2% best scores. On March 17th will take place the XXVII edition of this contest. 

However, they also organize many online competitions. Some contests to highlight are “Concurs telemàtic Marató de Problemes” and “Concurs telemàtic Olitele de resolució de problemes”. 

This year’s edition of Olitele started on mid-October. From that moment two weekly problems were published for its participants to solve. In total, the contest consisted of 10 problems of concrete answer and 3 reasoning problems. 

Last week the problems were corrected, and the ranking was published. I ended up with 45.1 points in 13thposition. This means I have been awarded with a Special Mention and I’ll receive a diploma.  

by Candela Hernández.

SEK-Catalunya 9th best IB School in Spain. According to the DP average grade and «Best School Educational Advisers»

Our SEK-Catalunya School appears in the ranking of Best School Educational Advisers among the top-15 IB schools in Spain (see schools from Spain list at the end of this post). This ranking is established by the evaluation of the grades obtained by the IB Diploma Program High School students. And we also are among the best 55 European IB schools.

We are very happy that the great education with which our students leave our DP classrooms successfully enables them to apply and access the best Universities in the world. We appreciate the recognition granted by this pretigious organisation.

Our average grade for the last promotion was: 35.7 out of 45.

We vividly encourage our well prepared DP-students of the current year to repeat this achievement or even improve it!

Students from 2nd baccalaureate Anna Neira and Kangxin Chen have been finalists in the Dialoga competition on mediation organized by ESADE

I am very happy to inform you that our students from 2nd baccalaureate Anna Neira and Kangxin Chen have been finalists in the Dialoga competition on mediation organized by ESADE.
I remind you that in the previous edition two of our students won and it is a contest in which year after year we have participated since its creation and until now we have always had students who have reached the final.
The awards ceremony (which will reveal if our students are the winners) is next October 18 at 7pm. If you are interested in attending the event you must register in the link below. I will attend.

Our experience in the Dialoga Contest by ESADE

Last year, we were given a presentation of the fourth edition of the Dialoga Contest, organized by the Law Faculty of ESADE and the Col·legi de Notaris de Catalunya.

Based on the following stimulus – What is dialogue and what advantages can it offer us in the management of our conflicts?, over 200 participants were divided into two different categories where they had to decide whether to elaborate either a written (individual) or an audiovisual response (group) in order to express their vision on the topic.

We decided to participate in the visual category, creating a video where we could express how important it is for global society and ourselves to use dialogue against universal and everyday conflicts. Motivated to answer the stimulus, we approached the topic from a global and actual perspective, trying to emphasize the proximity of the topic to anyone, as can be seen in the video.

After a few months of work, this past Thursday we were awarded with a scholarship for a three week summer law course in ESADE.

It is very important that students engage in this type of humanitarian projects because; talking from our own experience, it gives a better sense of the world and helps develop vital, basic skills such as communication.

Without a doubt, we are very proud to be the winners of this fourth edition and the first of many more which we expect to come from International School SEK-Catalunya.

We were accompanied at the ceremony by our teachers Miss Blanca Martin-Gil Vecilla and Mr. David Delgado.

by Paola Prat & Eric Macià

Rotary Club Barcelona Europa “Protagonistas del Mañana»: Marina Moreno

A few months ago, I got the chance of taking part of a challenge arranged by Rotary Club Barcelona Europa, called “Protagonistas del Mañana”. After all the selection process, I finished in second place and as a price; I got the opportunity of working during one week in an international enterprise of Barcelona: VEGA, a German multinational company that by distance, supplies materials for the gastronomic and hotel sectors.

During my work week in VEGA, I did all type of office activities, such as analyze the competence, investigate important factors of some clients, register in a document all the returned product catalogues, investigate the system that use other businesses in their social pages to led the client to comment about the product and reward them for doing it, search some data and statistics about the tourism, the Gross Domestic Product and the hotel and gastronomic tendencies;  classify the product-comments of  clients according to their level of positivity, and do the sketch design of the next product-catalogue of  best-sellers.

Moreover, last Monday 19th of September, I attended a lunch meeting in Barcelona with the two other finalists of the challenge, where the committee of Rotary Club Barcelona wanted to know about our experiences. What I can personally say about mine, is that this has been my first work experience, and I’m so grateful for having had this amazing opportunity just the year before attending the university, as I’ve learned and seen how the reality of businesses is, by seeing at the same time the positive and negative facts that daily occur in enterprises. But most important, I can say I’ve been “learning by doing”, as I believe learning cannot only be academic; it also needs to be social and cultural.

by Marina Moreno (2nd year student)

Who told us it would be easy?: Generation Euro Student´s Award (ECB)

When Mr. David Delgado and Mrs. Blanca Martín-Gil proposed me to investigate about the “Generation Euro Student´s Award” and expose it to my classmates, I might recognize I got carried away. However, it means hard work. Hence at the beginning I was apprehensive about the success of this idea. As I was working on it, I have been little by little more excited.
The aim of this contest is to allow european students to get to know the monetary policy. It involves 3 stages or milestones:
-Online quiz: 30 questions
-Analysis: write about a forthcoming interest rate decision of the ECB.
-Presentation: expose the analysis to a jury before a round of questions about the presentation.
It might seems like an ordeal, something imposible for us, students whose knowledge about economy and monetary policy comes always from the news and TV. This “downside” encouraged me to investigate. I have sought presentations from other years, and I can totally ensure we will live up to the contest´s expectations.
Our school makes a great effort to allow us be young people with a critical sense. This contest can provide us that little “thing” that makes us different from the rest of the young people. It will not only supply us knowledge about the european economy, but it also will provide the opportunity to take part into today´s global issues.  
We are expected to be extraordinary professionals with OTT curriculums: multiple languages, physic activity, technology… What is going to make us different from others? Saint Exupery, in “The little Prince”, told: “Anything essential is invisible to the eyes”. We need something that supply us that little difference. The effort, the team-work, the security, socialization, speaking skills, etc… are some values we will develop taking part in this type of contest. 
These are the main reasons why I think we can not waist this opportunity, and I am trying to transmit these urge to my classmates. We have nothing to lose and everything to win. If we finally achieve to make up a team, hard work and excellence will apply the law.
by Carla Ortega (PD 1st year student)