A group of 8 of our DP1 students have been lucky to be accepted into an international Co-training online program based in the coding for the development of the future METAVERSE. 

A group of 8 of our DP1 students, with huge logical-mathematical skills, have been lucky to be accepted into an international Co-training online program based in the coding for the development of the future METAVERSE. They have been admitted after a selection process last week.

Notice that this group of DP students is the first in the world to participate in this program, since they only accept university students studying (Computer Engineering or telecommunications).

The companies that are going to give them the opportunity are Nubii Metaverso, Inc. and Singular Factory, Inc. Leading North American companies in Metaverse development. They are based in Miami.

They have already started with the first «homework» that they have been given; Perform a video explaining what the Metaverse is and spread it around near community. So, you can check it here:



DP1 students (Sergi, Clara, Inés, Fedor, Marc, Carlos, Juan Octavio and Eric) and Mr. David


Finding your voice is a pilot project that aims to develop and empower adolescent girls for the future development of the skills they have. In this way, young women like us will be able to express and increase their aspirations and goals.  Promoting skills and taking a step forward in the search for gender equality in both professional and personal sectors.

Today 16 young women from SEK Catalunya, among whom we are fortunate to be included, have given rise to the first session of this programme. The programme seeks to help us to get to know and trust ourselves so that we can reflect this self-empowerment to the rest of the world. As Victoria and Elena, the session leaders, commented, women today face obstacles in some aspects of society, and this must change with us. We are the next generation, the generation that must prevent that only 19% of management positions in Spain are represented by women, the generation that must prevent that the global income gap between genders is more than 10 thousand international dollars.

During this first session we tried to get to know ourselves better, to understand who we are and our value to the world. This was done through different activities in which we discussed our strengths as well as our challenges or insufficiencies. 

The session was exciting and encouraged us to fight for our values and beliefs. We are already looking forward to the next session.

– By Alexandra Romero and Mireia Lupiañez

Tips and advices for the DP from the Lanterna Education Service

Last Friday, the 21st of January, Mr. Finn Ford came to our school in order to help the students of 2nd IB on our way to the final exams in May. Through this presentation, students have been able to develop their skills regarding organization. Mr. Finn advised us about the 3Ps that will help us to score a perfect mark in the course. The first P stands for planning; it helps us to distribute tasks over time so that everything can be submitted beforehand. The second P stands for prioritizing; we should be able to distinguish between urgent and less important tasks. Finally, the last P stands for not procrastinating; he recommended some applications for our devices like Forest, Streaks… that help us focus on our tasks, and not be distracted by technology.

Throughout the presentation, he motivated us to continue working until the last battle. This is almost over! Thanks Mr. Finn for your time!

Written by: Julie Anthony-Massol and Júlia Antolí

Alumnos de 2 DP preparando ya el reto Hackathon del GEF (Global Education Forum)

Nuevo reto para nuestros alumnos!!

Están creando un video de 1 minuto donde explican 3 puntos negros de la Universidad actual y 3 que desearían ver cuando ellos entren en la Educación Superior.

Sigues el modelo de Design Thinking y son jornadas de trabajo en equipo muy aprovechadas…

Os seguiremos informando.

A parte hacen promoción del GEF por todo el colegio.

Alumnos preparando su participación en el evento Global Education Forum (GEF)

Todos los alumnos de bachillerato están involucrados en la participación en proyectos relacionados con el próximo Global Education Fórum 3rd act (GEF).

Están compartiendo ideas en clase de ToK sobre cómo ven ellos el futuro de la Universidad y la “Digital University”.

Participaremos activamente en los proyectos llamados “Challenge” (4 ESO) y “Hackathon” (1 y 2 DP)

Algunos alumnos han tomado la responsabilidad de elaborar un vídeo de 1 minuto y 3 slides explicativas de cómo ellos ven el futuro de la educación superior y su digitalización.

Muy motivados por formar parte de este evento que se celebrará los días 13-14 y 15 de octubre en Madrid

Trabajando coordinadamente en políticas ToK (DP-IB)

Los profesores trabajan por grupos en el diseño de las políticas ToK (Theory of Knowledge) en cada uno de los grupos de asignaturas del DP-IB. Coordinación horizontal basada en Design Thinking. Todo orientado para poder ayudar a nuestros alumnos y que desarrollen de forma óptima todos sus perfiles IB.

Algunos profesores y alumnos asisten online al VI Simposium Felipe Segovia

Algunos alumnos y profesores asistieron el lunes pasado, de forma online, al evento institucional VI Simposium Felipe Segovia.

Pudimos compartir proyectos y experiencias docentes entre profesores de los distintos colegios SEK y la Universidad Camilo José Cela.

Se entregaron los XXV Premios SEK a las mejores experiencias docentes, en la que entre otros fueron galardonados los profesores de SEK-Catalunya: Srta. Laura Baker por su obra de teatro online y Sr. David Delgado por su proyecto en el que explicaba cómo sus alumnos de bachillerato de matemáticas habían conseguido una motivación máxima durante el confinamiento.

Importante acción tutorial en Bachillerato

Los alumnos ya tienen su tutor académico. Cada alumno ha seleccionado a su tutor y ya hemos empezado a tener tutorías individuales y grupales.
La importante figura del tutor y la acción tutorial en paralelo con la comunicación con las familias, ha sido siempre uno de las señas de identidad de nuestro sistema educativo SEK.

En el caso de los alumnos de 2º curso, es esencial la acción tutorial para una óptima orientación Universitaria o de planes de futuro. Y por supuesto, una buena planificación semanal que se suele diseñar con el tutor a principio de semana.

Vemos en las fotos una demostración gráfica de todo ello.

WEBINAR sobre «COVID y el Nuevo Orden Mundial: Economía Verde, la gran oportunidad»

En el marco de nuestra formación continua algunos profesores de Bachillerato, tuvimos la oportunidad y la suerte de asistir a este magnífico Webinar, que impartió el Sr. Juan Verde, reconocido Asesor internacional para gobiernos y empresas, ex Subsecretario de Comercio de los EEUU y ex asesor de Barack Obama, Bill y Hillary Clinton, Al Gore entre otros. Reconocido como uno de 100 líderes hispanos más influyentes del mundo en la lucha contra el cambio climático.

Emma Pastor: Science Summer Programs in the United States

Last year I decided to take a summer program in the University of Pennsylvania on biomedical research. This course lasted three weeks and was one of the best experiences I have ever lived. Aside from meeting people from all around the world and making new friends, I also learnt many new things. During the course, I did lectures in the mornings, journal clubs where I investigated a cure for Alzheimer’s and lab practices in the afternoon. My favorite part of the experience was getting to work in a lab. There I was not only able to learn new theory, but I was also able to do some hands on projects such as finding out my blood type while using centrifuges and PCR. I definitely recommend this experience to anyone interested in biomedical research since you gain so much knowledge, skills and friends.

This year I also decided to apply to another summer program, but this time an online one. I was accepted last week into the Biomedical Engineering Innovation program in Johns Hopkins University. I am very excited about the 4-5 week program where I will study, do discussions and my own lab projects at home. Applying to the program was a long process, but definitely worth it. To apply I needed to get excellent grades, since it is a very rigorous course, a teacher recommendation, which I got from my biology teacher, and I had to write a short essay explaining why I wanted to do this summer program. It took a couple of weeks to get everything together and all of the transcripts, and after submitting everything, it only took one week for them to accept me. I am looking forward to this amazing experience.

BY: Emma Pastor Goodingham