A group of our students Winners of “ESADE: Ideas4TheEconomy Challenge”

The COVID-19 pandemic not only had a health impact, but also a social and economic one. Ideas4TheEconomy Challenge was a contest, organized by ESADE, where students had to propose ideas to improve the Spanish economy after the disastrous pandemic. This contest was based on two phases. In the first, they had to create a three and a half minute video in which they proposed a solution to a problem in a specific sector. From this 7 teams qualified, and went on to the last round, where in an hour and a half they had to prepare a five-minute presentation presenting  three proposals to improve the economy, with no specific target.

Our students Alexandra Torres, Albert Ruyra, Nicolau San Millán and María Tolosa managed to qualify in the first phase, and even managed to win the second claiming themselves as winners of the challenge.

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