Workshop about how to perform a good “Personal Statement”

«The personal statement is a challenge faced by all of us who wish to study in the UK. We have always been told of its importance, of its difficulty in having to describe your whole person, your whole life of 17 years in only 4000 characters. It is, therefore, crucial to approach it in the best way possible. During today’s talk, given by our counsellor Sergio Jimenez and our teacher David Delgado, we have been able to understand the key to the success of a good personal statement. It was not only the theoretical explanation that helped us enormously, but also the exemplification of this theory.

In a nutshell, the personal statement has to be groundbreaking, a true reflection of your personality and ambition.

It is now our turn to start the arduous job of writing our own.»

by Nicolau San Millán

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