4th Debate League (CICAE/UCJC)

These last Friday and Saturday took place the online CICAE/UCJC Debate finals. This finals were completely different from what we are used to and gave us a whole new experience.

As opposite to what we are used to, the teams were not together and it made it harder for us to communicate. There were also the issues with connection, it was common to have some issues on every debate we had.

Despite these facts, the experience was really satisfying for all of us. We had to learn to be more competent on our own and not rely so much on our team. We were all sad that we were not able to go to Madrid but glad everyone was safe and we still got to do the final. Overall, we had some good results with one of our English teams, Alea Jacta Est, going to the finals of the tournament, and one of it’s members.

Mireia Montané winning the award of best speaker. 

by Ariadna Solà

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