Success is looming in the horizon

Last Friday, the 22nd of September, the students from 12th grade (both the IB Diploma Programme and the Spanish Baccalaureate), were summoned at School Counsellor Mr.Sergio Jimenez office to get a grasp of the University entry requirements according to their countries of interest. The UK and USA being the major choices of the audience, the course emphasised on their criteria.

Predictive grades, high school transcripts, exams, essays, interviews and, on top of this, the well-known personal statement. All of these are to be handed over well before the colleges respective deadlines, which in most cases (say, Cambridge), are pretty much upon us. Moreover, having mentioned the importance of the personal statement in our applications, the second half of the programme was entirely dedicated to its proper writing by following a set of advice known as the Activity (A) – Benefit (B) – Course (C).

“Since I was a child, my dream has been to enter an International Diplomatic Organization, such as the Spanish Embassy. However, now it comes to deciding to which university do I want to apply to. I am totally focused on broadening my options in different countries: whereas the US offers me the opportunity to combine my sports career with my undergraduate studies and the UK allows me to study different files: economics, history, philosophy and geography; all combined in an International Relations course at Oxford.

No matter where I finally end up studying, I am completely sure Mr. Sergio will do his best to give the students the best preparation, which is why I am deeply grateful for his aid.”

Carla Ortega, 2nd grader of the IB Diploma Programme.

“Despite being determined to enter certain colleges and having sufficient knowledge in terms of their requirements, going through all the procedures again enabled me to check every part of the process whilst getting a useful and practical insight of the specificities of the personal statement by means of proper, real samples. This is pivotal for my personal application to the Government and History career held at LSE (UK). My counsellor has shown great concern towards my future, always willing to aid me when in need. I am very grateful for his support.”

by Max de Bruyn, 2nd grader of the IB Diploma Programme.


Back at it again!!!!!!!

Being already at the 7th day of this year’s course, the students of both Spanish Bachillerato and the IB Diploma Programme are doubtlessly off to a good start. On the one hand, those at the very first year of this engaging, yet demanding experience are to put all of their effort not only into the subjects of their choosing (their list of options has been widened with new courses such a Psychology, ensuring a greater range of combinations and a personalised education), but into their self-development as well. Conversely, in the case of our 2nd graders, along with shortlisting their university choices and sending in their application forms by their respective deadlines, their final exams are around the corner.

Down in our Maker Space, always honouring our motto Learning by Doing”, our technology students cogently followed the Arduino methods and materials in order to assemble different electronic prototypes. Such practices are pivotal, for they suppose an utterly necessary initiation to the concepts of IT, engineering and communications. On top of this, at the Lab, several other experiments regarding the observation, monitoring and classification of different forms of vegetative live such as leaves were conducted by means of our brand new magnifying glasses. Apart from approaching a scientific issue in an analytical manner, students gained much expertise on their cognitive skills, taking them outside the classroom.

Not only is the aim of said facilities to further our comprehension on a particular topic, but to ensure that we, students, consider Head Master Mr. Prata’s piece of advice: “let everything you do during this year, from studying to playing, become enjoyable; for that will make you succeed without even noticing”

by Max de Bruyn