Reflection on the Extended Essay

For these last 3 weeks of school we, IB students, are being given the opportunity to work on our Extended Essays. The EE is a required task in the Diploma Programme, it is an essential task considering that without it a student of the DP can not obtain it’s diploma; it leads to automatic failure of the whole two-year programme. Over the course of these three weeks the intention is to work on the extended essay full time, and hopefully complete it before going on summer vacation. We spend the whole day in the study room, where multiple teachers supervise us throughout the course of the day to ensure we are actually working. In the event of a doubt or a question regarding the project, we are also given the freedom to go talk to our project supervisors or we can also ask the teacher who is in the room at the time. We are also given the freedom to go to the library and consult any type of doubt regarding sources of information, and appropriate citations. This is also a crucial aspect given that if plagiarism is deduced in the work of the student, that student automatically fails the project, and as a consequence the whole course.

These days will hopefully prove to be very useful for all of us, given that it will allow us to focus more on our studies and internal assessments next year. It will also allow us to have more time next year to organize ourselves well, which is quite important considering that Year 12 will be a demanding one as it is our last one prior to university.

Overall, this is a very positive opportunity that can prevent us a lot of headaches come next year as it is providing us more than enough time to complete on of the most demanding aspects of the course. It is a huge opportunity that not every IB student gets to have, so I really do think that we should make the most of it, because as said, it can alleviate many possible headaches come next year.

by Marcel Sans

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